Selected One-Person Exhibitions 

1973        Old Jaffa Gallery, Jaffa, Israel 

1974        Graphic 3 Gallery, Haifa, Israel 

1980        Tourel Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

1982        Radius Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

1983        Radius Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

1984        Goldman Art Gallery, Haifa, Israel 

1985        The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel 

1987        Herzliya Museum, Israel 

1988        Small Maimad Visual Arts Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

1988        Ephrat Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

1988        Herzliya Museum, Israel 

1989        Jack Gallery, New York, U.S.A 

1991        The White Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

1991        Tivon Art Gallery, Israel 

1992        The Open Museum, Tefen, Israel 

1993        Kfar Saba Municipal Gallery, Israel 

1995        Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel 

1995        Arad Museum, Israel 

1996        Beit Yad Labanim, Ramat Hasharon, Israel 

1997        Praxis, Paris, France 

1997        Neve Tzedek Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

1997        Kibbutz Machanayim, Israel 

1998        The Beit Yad Labanim Gallery, Ra'anana, Israel 

1999        The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan, Israel 

2001        Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, Israel 

2001        Goren Gallery, Emec Izrael Academic College, Israel 

2001        Castra Gallery, Haifa, Israel 

2004        Givatayim Theater, Israel 

2005        Petach-Tikva Performing Art Center, Israel 

2008        Gallery 37, Williamstown, MA, USA 

2009      Gerstien Gallery Tel Aviv,Israel 

2009      Artists’ House, Tel Aviv,Israel 

2011      City gallery , Kefar Saba, Israel  

2012      Gal-on gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2016      Machon-Hamaim, City Gallery, Givatayim, Israel

2017/8   Art on Campus, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

2017/8   "Personal Collage", Lev Hasharon Institute, Pardesiya, Israel

2019       Art on Campus, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel


Selected Group Exhibitions 


1974      Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel        

1974      Flegias Gallery, Rome, Italy        

1973/4   "Graphic Art of Israel", South America 

1974      International Biennial of Graphic Art, Florence, Italy 

1975      International Biennial of Graphic Art, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia  

1976      International Biennial of Graphic Art, Frechen, Germany 

1976      International Biennial of Graphic Art, Biella, Italy 

1977      International Biennial of Graphic Art, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia 

1977      International Biennial of Graphic Art, Vienna, Austria 

1978      International Biennial of Graphic Art, Fredrikstad, Norway 

1978      International Biennial of Graphic Art, Riejka, Yugoslavia 

1981      "The Camera as Brush", Traveling Exhibition, Israel 

1981      "Realism", Artists' House, Tel Aviv, Israel 

1981       "Realism", Grand Palais, Paris, France 

1983       Radius Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

1987       Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

1987        Kubus, Hannover, Germany 

1987        "Weiterbildungszentrun, Dusseldorf, Germany 

1988        Rathaus, Mainz, Germany 

1988        Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel 

1988        Art 19/88, Basel, Switzerland 

1988        Linden Gallery, Victoria, Australia 

1988       "Hassneh' in art Nouveau Style ", Ramat Gan Muesum, Israel 

1989        Art 20/89, Basel, Switzerland 

1989        Goldman-Kraft Gallery, Chicago, U.S.A 

1989        Contemporary Art Fair, Los Angeles, U.S.A 

1991          Nama Gallery, Ramat Hashron, Israel 

1992        "The Car The Art", Citadel, Los Angeles, U.S.A 

                   Who's Afraid of Kitsch", Beit Yad Labanim, Ra'anana,          Israel1992

 1993         ("   The Paradox of Materialistic Dream("Absolut Vodka

                 Tel Aviv Museum, Israel                 

1993         "Starting Point-Fulcram:  "Animals", Artists' House, Jerusalem, Israel

1993/4     Receptacle and Contents", Artists' House, Jerusalem, Israel

                      Bat-Yam Museum, Israel 

1993/4        "A Matchbox Enclosed", the Yavneh Art Workshop Gallery, Israel; 

                      Janco-Dada Museum, Israel'; 

                      Uri and Rami Nehushtan Museum, Ashdot-Yakov, Israel; 

                      Ashdod Museum, Israel 

1994            "Concours d'Elegance", Oakland University, 

                      Rochester, Michigan, U.S.A 

1994             "A Set Table", Artists' House, Tel Aviv, Israel (Art Focus) 

1994             "Tree and Landscape as an Image of Place", Studio-Oman, Hadera, Israel 

                      (Art Focus) 

1994             Hangar 21, Jaffa Port, Israel 

1995            "The House on Alharizi St ", Artists' House, Tel Aviv, Israel 

1996            "60+hp", Beit Hagefen, Haifa, Israel 

1999            "Voices from Here and There", New Acquisitions 1994-99, 

                      The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel 

2002             Dolphin Show 2002, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2002            Givatayim Connection, Givatayim Theater, Israel 

2002            "From Venice to Jerusalem", 

                      Outdoor Banner Event of Artists and Poets, Jerusalem, Israel 

2002             Urinal- Environment: Art for the Preservation of Water 

                   and Environment, The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, Israel 

2002             "Art on thr Railroad", Art and Poetry in Railroad Stations, Israel 

2003            "Wandering Library"; Marker IV ג€“an Art Book event for Venice biennale, 

2004             Growth, Exhibitions Ground, Israel 

2004    Timeforart, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2005             Horses in the village (Sculptures), Petach-Tikva, Israel 

2006             Magnum Open Art (Sculptures), Tel Aviv, Israel 

2006             Looking out over the sea, The masks of Bat-Yam, Israel 

2007             Gallery thirty seven, Williamstown, MA, USA 

2007          Sealed with Colors" Painting over Photography outdoor Exhibition,

                  Tel Aviv, Israel 

2007          "Talking Chairs", Outdoor Exhibition, Ramat Gan, Israel 

2008           "Art of Reconciliation"   Backgammon Exhibition Washington, DC, USA 

2008           "Bells of the 60's", Outdoor Exhibition, Rishon Lezion, Israel 

2008           "Strawberries" Outdoor Exhibition.  Ramat Hasharon, Israel 

2008           "That Man", Municipal Gallery,  Givatayim, Israel 

2008           "Passion", Ein Hod Gallery, Israel 

2008           "Art Jerusalem", Jerusalem Art Fair, Israel 

2008           "Identity Card" Ein Hod Gallery, Israel 

2010           "Objects of Desire", Stern gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2010           "Loving  Art. Making Art.", Tel Aviv, Israel  

2011           "Art about Art", Bank Igud, Ramat Hashron, Israel 

2012           "The passion for shoes" ,Gerstien Gallery, Tel Aviv,Israel 

2014            Israeli Art in Munich, Gremany  

2017            "Following" Artist House Tel Aviv, Israel 

2017            "Not All Black & White", Ein Hod Gallery, Israel

2017             "Artipad" Athena Fund,Israel

2017             Hosted Artists, Ein Hod Gallery, Israel 

2018         "The Silver Tray" 70th anniversary-Israel, Yad Labanim, Ramat Hasharon, Israel

2019            "Flood", Yad Labanim, Ramat Hasharon, Israel